Bifrost Photography is Libby Livermore, a photographer from the South-East of England.




Libby wants to live in a world where people smile as much as possible and there is a never ending supply of delicious cheese.


As a photographer, she has had her work showcased at the Natural History Museum in London and various shows curated by the Young Photographers’ Alliance and been featured in numerous print publications (Strad magazine, 5×5 magazine, the Cool Guide to Camping, etc). She has a lot of work available for commercial purposes with Getty Images and other stock photography companies, as well as offering studio portraiture and private event photography.


Her latest collaboration is the “Photo Tennis Project” which is an ongoing project available to peruse on the internet right now! To see her photography along with the work of Deborah Cardinal (Blown A Wish Photography) visit libbyanddebsphototennis.tumblr to find out more.


When she’s not got a camera attached to her face, you can often find her near beer, beards or Fairport Convention. If you’re interested in finding out more or booking her then please visit the contact page via the menu to the left.


The name Bifrost Photography came from her love of mythology and folk tales: specifically, The Prose Edda from Nordic Mythology. In The Prose Edda, Bifrost is a burning rainbow bridge which joins the world and the realm of the Gods. Her work is influenced by the folk- tales, myths and legends that she studied at university, often by the way that she incorporates the surreal elements of such texts into ideas for conceptual photography.


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