TILT #235

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Essays, babies, pajamas.


A miniature update on current life: I’m struggling my way through the same essay, still (3000/3500 as of a few hours ago); I’ve had my twelfth delivery (and believe me when I say that, that baby was one of the most adorable!) and I’ve spent a lot of time in bed trying to recover from my last stint on placement. I’m tired and I feel completely drained right now, so I’m looking forward to finishing off this essay and resuming normal programming at some point… Until then, check out Flickr, which is probably the most up-to-date, accessible part of my life right now. Take care folks!

Link Round-Up


♥ Now I’ve discovered Keeping Up With The Kattarshians, I think I’ll be spending a lot of time watching them…

♥ Mmm, coffee scrub anyone?!

This black lentil dal sounds write up my street. Yum!

♥ I enjoyed Sandra’s round-up of images for women’s day – anledningar till den 8 mars.
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TILT #234

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Link Round-Up


Fancy making your cat some cookies?! Me too!

Space cat, you guys!

♥ I tried to make milkmaid braids with my hair fairly recently, but was sad to find it was still a little bit too short (though, not long to grow now!) – Rebecca’s milkmaid twists look like the perfect remedy.

♥ Mmm, this spring pie sounds delicious.

Such a pretty ring.

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TILT #233

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February #brilliantphotoaday


As promised yesterday, here are my photos from Kate Gabrielle’s #brilliantphotoaday for February. Right at the end of the month, I broke off a couple of themes from my other daily photo project because hey, what’s one more photo a day when you’re already doing two?!

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Pancakes and radio silence.


Good afternoon, friends! I’m dropping in to excuse myself from the radio silence these past few days; last week was busy, tiring, a bundle of sad emotions and basically, a bit of a struggle.

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TILT #232

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Postnatal Ward


It’s night-time as we crowd into the handover room,
The day staff look weary but they smile as they discuss their day.
A5, B3, C6 and side rooms 1-4; we scribble on our sheets of paper,
Rhesus negative, AF, BF, 3°, EBL, OBs due at 1215, 0200, 0430.
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