Pancakes and radio silence.


Good afternoon, friends! I’m dropping in to excuse myself from the radio silence these past few days; last week was busy, tiring, a bundle of sad emotions and basically, a bit of a struggle.

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TILT #232

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Postnatal Ward


It’s night-time as we crowd into the handover room,
The day staff look weary but they smile as they discuss their day.
A5, B3, C6 and side rooms 1-4; we scribble on our sheets of paper,
Rhesus negative, AF, BF, 3°, EBL, OBs due at 1215, 0200, 0430.
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Link Round-Up



♥ I’m loving these beeswax candles.

♥ Mmm, winter citrus smoothie in grapefruit bowls!

♥ After having my trusty fox eye mask for years, I think I might get a new one soon… And because I love it so much, I want to get another one from HannahDoodle.

♥ Sincerely Louise makes some amazing knitting kits and patterns – I love this uni-cat!
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TILT #231

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Right now.


Thinking of:
Going on holiday! But, really..? how I should be doing so many things right now. I have the biggest pile of university work to get done, which I’m slowly, slowly, slowly working my way through. I’d like some extra time!

My new black and white polka dot dress, with a pair of thermal long johns borrowed from Laurence years ago. When I popped to shops earlier I wore my black & purple DMs, but now I’m all about my slippers…

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Link Round-Up


♥ The next time I visit Edinburgh I’ll definitely be making use of this ethical shopping guide by Wendy.

Sandra wrote a post about how she manages anxiety – lots of good tips!

♥ Daria made this awesome printable kitty wrapping paper for valentine’s day. Aw!

♥ I’m always after new up-do ideas for when I’m on placement, so this easy messy updo for shorter hair by Rebecca is perfect.

These felt planters are adorable!
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TILT #230

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January #brilliantphotoaday


From January the 1st, I’ve been joining in with Kate Gabrielle’s #brilliantphotoaday. As you all know, I take daily photographs anyway, but Kate’s project has made me focus because every day I need to fit my photos into the theme for the day.

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Link Round-Up


This pin makes me smile – I also think it’s a great suggestion to take on board!

♥ Mmm, these healthy breakfast muffins look yummy!

♥ So, plum and pigeon make some really beautiful clothes… And let’s face, plum and pigeon is such an awesome name, how could they not?!

Words to ban from your vocabulary. I’m guilty of frequently using lots of these!
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