Photo an Hour: 28th January, 2017


On Saturday morning I woke up to my alarm, and remembering I’d decided to take my photo an hour for January on this day (mainly because there were only four days left of January and two of them I would not be able to take a photo an hour in) I let myself hit snooze once, and then rolled out of bed to be greeted by the kitties…

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TILT #229

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Link Round-Up


♥ I’m always a fool for pretty earrings.

Gin forever!

♥ As we’re on a bit of a soup kick, I think that this winter green soup is bound to make its way into our repertoire!

♥ This is such a darling brooch.

♥ Who else wants a Legend of Zelda skirt?!
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TILT #228

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Seaside Stroll.


At some point in 2016, I made a deal with myself that I would leave the house every day. It helps keep me sane, even if I just walk 10 minutes down the road to buy groceries and then walk back again. It’s a good deal, and I’m pretty glad that I made it.

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Link Round-Up


♥ Marielle recently blogged about Maqluba – I’d not heard of it before then, but now I really want to try this recipe. It looks so tasty!

Yoga moves to improve posture – I think I need some of these bad boys!

♥ Obvious state makes the most gorgeous prints. My favourites have to be Jack London and Chaucer, of course.

♥ Signs of breast cancer explained using lemons.

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Antenatal Ward


I’m here to greet you, as you raise your head groggily from your pillow.
I always find myself speaking a little more softly than I feel I should,
But it feels right, today, my voice gently soothing in the morning light.
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TILT #227

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50 questions – Part 5

Normal programming soon to return (well, ish) but in the meantime I thought I’d finish off the 50 questions I’ve been posting in dribs and drabs for a while now… Here is part 5 of the 50 questions I’ve borrowed from MariellPart 1 is herepart 2 is here, part 3 is here and part 4 is here.

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Link Round-Up


Images playfully synchronized.

♥ These shadow doodles are totally cute.

♥ We tried these spiced vanilla bean bushwackers over at Rob and Lauren’s over New Year – tasty!

♥ Mmm, gimme this five vegetable cheddar soup.

♥ Who else wants to try this ginger orange body scrub?

♥ Magic doll make the most amazing hats – this antler hat and this crochet cat ear hat are my favourites.

The cafe love story. D’aw!

♥ Nostalgia, anyone? 39 albums that will turn 20 in 2017.

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