Link Round-Up

Link Round-Up


♥ Swedish Subway Map in English. Wonderful! (Via Niotillfem.)

♥ I love this beautiful fox drawing by Moosekleenex.



♥ The People Tree Autumn 2013 Collection is out, and I’m in love with everything! I’ve picked out my favourites (123456) but I’m sure I’ll change my mind several times…

Natalie has made the most adorable desktop wallpaper – There is no need to worry.

Kaylah’s weekly nails using Incoco nail strips are gorgeous! I love the colours and the stripes.



♥ These Insect Photobooth Strips that Laura Park made are so cute! (Via Niotillfem.)

♥ The love everything about this “Ice Ice Baby” shoot by. Number 4 is my favourite! (Via One Sheepish Girl.)


How is it September already?! My, oh my.


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