Link Round-Up

Link Round-Up


♥ I had to stop myself from buying one of these three fabulous Twin Peaks shirts this week (mainly because I couldn’t pick a favourite, ha!).

Adoring this mug set, and trying to decide whether to buy one for Lousey, or one for myself… Or maybe I should just get us one each?!

♥ I loved Yasmin’s Happy New Year comic!

These beeswax tealights are really cute (and take just twenty one minutes to make!).

♥ I think this wall plate is absolutely adorable.

♥ I’m besotted with this DIY wooden coffee table… Never thought I’d say that about a coffee table! (But look how beautiful it is! Swooooon!)

These beautifully illustrated coasters are stunning (and creepy, but in a good way..!)


The first link round-up of 2015! Hope you guys said a happy hello to 2015 and have been smiling ever since. Here’s to a fabulous year..!


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