Project 365/Y5: Days 64-70

Project 365/Y5: Days 64-70


Happy hump day friends! Here’s another week of non-selfies – I’ve spent a few days of it feeling under the weather, but hopefully the photos don’t show that! Here goes…



Day Sixty Four / Year Five.



Day Sixty Five / Year Five.



Day Sixty Six / Year Five.



Day Sixty Seven / Year Five.



Day Sixty Eight / Year Five.



Day Sixty Nine / Year Five.



Day Seventy / Year Five.

So! A week that began at the bi-annual LAN party, with all of the merriment that, that brings! When we got back home, Jack and I played some more Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes with some of the LAN party beer. The majority of the rest of my week involved university, feeling ill and kittens. Wey! I treated myself to a walk to the seafront on Thursday to try and soak up some sunshine and happiness rays. The best cure has got to be cuddles with Jack and the kitties, though!


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