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Marches past, 2007-2010


It’s been a while since I posted one of these… Apologies, but they’re higgledy-piggledy right now, but here are some (mostly unposted) memories from 2007 – 2010, all taken in March.

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Decembers Past – 2008


Here’s a look back at December 2008, you guys!

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Mays Past, 2008-2009


Digging through old memories is pretty fun – here’s what May as looking like for me in 2008 and 2009…

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Aprils Past, 2009 – Nepal!


It’s been a while since I revisted some old photos, so this week I’m sharing a look at what April 2009 was looking like for me… It was when I travelled to Nepal with Gorkha Learning for Life for the first time! Some photos are already up on Flickr, but there are a few unseen ones too. Enjoy!


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5 Years of Christmas Self-Portraits


… You guys, it’s just one week and one day until Christmas – I can’t believe it! To get myself in the Christmas spirit, I’ve been wrapping presents, writing and sending Christmas cards, and listening to some Christmas songs! I’ve decided to make this post with my favourite Christmas self-portraits from the past few years (barring 2013, as I spent Christmas working, so most of my photographs aren’t all that Christmas orientated!). Click the links below to see the full-size versions of each photo on Flickr – enjoy!

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Novembers Past, Pt 1.


Here are a few photos of how past Novembers have shaped up for me. All photos featured are from 2008-2010, and only a few of them have been on the internet before… Enjoy!


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