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March #brilliantphotoaday

Hello lovelies! In a watch-me-forever-play-catch-up-with-myself charade, here are my photos from Kate Gabrielle’s #brilliantphotoaday for March. Whoop! I’m definitely struggling with April (my ability to take a photo on the day of the theme has gone completely out of the window since being on the canal boat!) but I’m also still really enjoying it.


To see photos from the other lovely folks doing the project, visit Instagram and search for #brilliantphotoaday. They’re well-worth a look if you’re so inclined!

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February #brilliantphotoaday


As promised yesterday, here are my photos from Kate Gabrielle’s #brilliantphotoaday for February. Right at the end of the month, I broke off a couple of themes from my other daily photo project because hey, what’s one more photo a day when you’re already doing two?!

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Right now.


Thinking of:
Going on holiday! But, really..? how I should be doing so many things right now. I have the biggest pile of university work to get done, which I’m slowly, slowly, slowly working my way through. I’d like some extra time!

My new black and white polka dot dress, with a pair of thermal long johns borrowed from Laurence years ago. When I popped to shops earlier I wore my black & purple DMs, but now I’m all about my slippers…

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January #brilliantphotoaday


From January the 1st, I’ve been joining in with Kate Gabrielle’s #brilliantphotoaday. As you all know, I take daily photographs anyway, but Kate’s project has made me focus because every day I need to fit my photos into the theme for the day.

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Hello 2017.


Happy New Year, friends!


Let’s not get into the “I can’t believe it’s 2017s!” – I want to concentrate on the year ahead, and consider how I can use 2016 as a springboard for even more awesomeness. Here goes…

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