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Edie, Lisa & Paul – family photography

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Days 274-280: Y9/Y5


Things are finally starting to wind down for me – I have one shift and one reflection day this week, I’m back at university next week, and then it’s Christmas! I will of course be spending a lot of time revising for a big exam and starting an essay, but it will be the beginning of Christmas, none-the-less!

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Photo an Hour: 6th April, 2016


Phew! This post has been a long time coming – I was trying to get up-to-date on weekly photo posts before throwing this one up. So, here it finally is! (Indeed, after I’ve already taken my photo an hour for May..!) Jack had the week off of work (and I had a bit of time off of uni), so we decided to have a day trip to Canterbury. Here goes…

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