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Photo an Hour: 21st October, 2017


After my photo an hour post for September, I decided to attempt to keep the photo an hour posts going for the rest of 2017. Who knows how well we’ll fare when December rolls around… But here’s one that I managed in October at the bi-annual LAN party!


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Photo an Hour: 5th April, 2017


For the entirety of the first week of April we had the pleasure of living on a canal boat (!) with some of our favourite folks. It was exactly what the doctor ordered¬†after the manic first few months of 2017 –¬†there’s nothing quite like relaxing on the roof of a canal boat, reading a book and listening to the birds twitter in the trees and the sway of the water as you glide along…

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Days 232-238: Y9/Y5


Another week of October, done and dusted… It was yet another blur in this month, for me – my current placement has kept me pretty darned busy!


My week started off with not one, but two 13 hour shifts..! When I take that into consideration, it’s little wonder that I’ve been feeling tired lately. Thankfully, Jack and the kitties have been being as perfect as they always are, and that softens the the blow of long shift considerably! Nonetheless, on Monday I was feeling pretty overwhelmed and in need of hugs – which I got.

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Days 190-196: Y9/Y5

I’ve decided to condense my 365 projects into one post, rather than a separate post for the selfies and non-selfies. I often feel like I end up repeating the same things about what I’ve been up to… Which makes sense, seeing as the photos tend to be related! So, here’s my rather belated post of photos from the 3rd of September through to the 9th of September.


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Y9/365: Days 183-189


September has well and truly arrived and as a result I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed with what has been happening for the past few months, and what is going to happen over the next few. I know there’s no point in worrying, but I’m quite the worrywart at times! Having been able to have a weekend away with Jack as September crept over the threshold was wonderful, however, and I’m feeling grateful for our little cottage escape!

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Photo an Hour: 25th June, 2016


Somehow, we’ve already hit the middle of July! I’m happy to admit that everything has been getting a bit hectic as the end of my first year at university is drawing to a close, and as a result I’m getting behind with my uploads. But hey, you guys! Here I am with my photo an hour from June (!) – 6 months of keeping up with these posts makes me pretty happy, so I just need to make sure I can manage it for the rest of 2016…

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Y9/365: Days 36-42


Happy hump day friends! Today I have my first full week of April self-portraits to share with you – I don’t think it will be much longer until I’m actually caught up with these..!

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Project 365/Y5: Days 15-21


Time for another post of photos that don’t involve me and my over-photographed face..!

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Decembers Past – 2010


Here’s another look back to a December past… 2010, to be precise!


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