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52 weeks of Arthur – week 3

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One month ago today our wonderful, perfect son was born.


It already feels like he has been here with us for months and months, and simultaneously that it was just yesterday that we drove back here and showed him around his home for the first time.
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Craft Beer Advent Calendar, pt 2


Two weeks ago I wrote about the fabulous craft beer advent calendar that Jack got me for Christmas. I reviewed the first 12 beers, and now I’m back to review the latter 12! Here goes…


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Decembers Past – 2010


Here’s another look back to a December past… 2010, to be precise!


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Craft Beer Advent Calendar


You may, or may not be aware, that the ever-wonderful and thoughtful Jack bought me the most fantastic Christmas gift this year – a craft beer advent calendar! And boy, oh boy, have I been enjoying it..!

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Project 365 #3


Year three of consecutive daily photographs done and dusted (that’s of the non-self-portraiture variety… You can find the self-portraiture update here!). Here are the most popular photos from year three, as determined by Flickr..!

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Photo an Hour: December 21st, 2014


Here it is, the final photo an hour post for the year! I spent the day with the wonderful Sarah, mostly in London, visiting my favourite museum (the Natural History Museum in South Kensington!). Without further ado…


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5 Years of Christmas Self-Portraits


… You guys, it’s just one week and one day until Christmas – I can’t believe it! To get myself in the Christmas spirit, I’ve been wrapping presents, writing and sending Christmas cards, and listening to some Christmas songs! I’ve decided to make this post with my favourite Christmas self-portraits from the past few years (barring 2013, as I spent Christmas working, so most of my photographs aren’t all that Christmas orientated!). Click the links below to see the full-size versions of each photo on Flickr – enjoy!

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A Winter Playlist


I’ve been pretty busy working and getting ready for Christmas this past week, much like the rest of you I expect! I spent today wrapping presents, writing cards and trying to figure out the last few gifts that I need to buy for the lovely people in my life. It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas!


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Gift Ideas – Best of the Rest!

This is an amalgamation of items that I think would make lovely gifts! I’ve already made posts for the feline fanciers, photography fiends and library lovers.


♥ I have featured Shovava’s beautiful shawls on my blog before… And I’m sure I’ll feature them again! They are so gorgeous.

♥ La Cravette Duchenne make the cutest, bright, colourful jewellery! I love this feather necklace and this fox brooch, but actually I pretty much love everything in the entire shop..!
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