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My new Etsy shop!

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Marvellous Hannahdoodle Eye Mask


Since I started working nights, I’ve had a bit of a rough time getting sleep. Sleeping during the day is annoying for various reasons: everybody else is awake; if you’re in a densely populated area it’s noisier; unless you have black-out curtains it’s hard to sleep during daylight hours and your natural body clock says “NO!”. The only one I’ve successfully surpassed is that of blocking out daylight.


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Gift Ideas – Best of the Rest!

This is an amalgamation of items that I think would make lovely gifts! I’ve already made posts for the feline fanciers, photography fiends and library lovers.


♥ I have featured Shovava’s beautiful shawls on my blog before… And I’m sure I’ll feature them again! They are so gorgeous.

♥ La Cravette Duchenne make the cutest, bright, colourful jewellery! I love this feather necklace and this fox brooch, but actually I pretty much love everything in the entire shop..!
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Gift Ideas – Photography Fiends

Trying to settle on a gift for a loved one who loves photography? Look no further!


♥ This print by Debs is a must for every girl photographer!

♥ Isn’t this “I’ve been known to flash people” shirt fab?!

♥ Do you know a photographer that loves shooting with film? Then they’ll love this 35mm film necklace from The Badger Set!

♥ How about some smoke drops to create some stunning effects during photo shoots?

♥ This camera lens pillow is pretty darned awesome.
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Gift Ideas – Feline Fanciers

Having some trouble thinking of the perfect gifts for the cat lovers in your life? I’m only too happy to help…


♥ I love this tote bag by Cat vs Human – it reminds me of this photo! Also from Cat vs Human – this t-shirt is pretty much perfect for me and a whole bunch of humans I know… I quite like the simple black t-shirt but it does come in a hoody and long sleeved t-shirt too!

♥ I think this hand-painted mug from the Three Little Cats Shop is adorable. They have lots of cat-themed goodies…

♥ What about giving someone teeny, tiny kittens that they can put all over their nails?
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