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Photo an Hour: 25th March, 2017


As promised yesterday, here is my photo an hour post from March! It was a beautiful, sunny day spent being extremely indulgent… Jack’s folks came to visit us in the afternoon, and then later in the evening his sister Suki joined us too. The five of us went out for a delicious meal in the evening, after having spent a few hours sampling wine and cocktails beforehand! Here come the photos…

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Photo an Hour: 25th February, 2017


I’ve finally managed to edit and upload my photos from my last day of a photo an hour! It was a day spent in London with Jack, Laurence and Luke – that in itself should tell you it was awesome, but add to that going to a few of my favourite places (you guys, The Whistling Shop is just wonderful!) meant it was an even more fabulous day. Yay! Carry on scrolling for the photos…

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Photo an Hour: 28th January, 2017


On Saturday morning I woke up to my alarm, and remembering I’d decided to take my photo an hour for January on this day (mainly because there were only four days left of January and two of them I would not be able to take a photo an hour in) I let myself hit snooze once, and then rolled out of bed to be greeted by the kitties…

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Photo an Hour: 21st December, 2016


So here it is, you guys, my last photo an hour post from 2016! It’s always a weird feeling, coming to all of these posts at the end of the year and feeling like the slate is about to be wiped clean. It’s nice that Christmas and New Year always come with a good dose of glitter to help with that…

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Photo an Hour: 29th November, 2016


As the end of the year looms closer and closer, I feel like I’m in a mad rush to tidy 2016 up and wrap it with a bow… But despite my best efforts, I reckon I’ll be playing catch-up for a while – nearly halfway into December I’m posting my photo an hour from November (!) and I’m not entirely sure which day this month I will shoot my photo an hour post for December itself! Oh well…


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Happy Pancake Day / Fettisdagen!


Every Tuesday should look as delicious as this!

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