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Edie – First Birthday

Today I posted some photographs in my portfolio of Edie’s first birthday photoshoot in the Bluebell Woods. Click here to have a look!


Happy Friday, beautiful people!

Edie, Lisa & Paul – family photography

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Edie – newborn photography

I have just posted a selection of images in my portfolio from way back when Edie was just 19 days old! Click here to go straight to the page and have a look.


Happy Thursday, friends!

Photo an Hour: 12th September, 2017


When I took my rather lengthy break from blogging earlier this year, I also ceased my photo an hour projects. I attempted a photo an hour at Caroline & Nori’s wedding, realised how difficult that was to achieve in the first trimester and decided to be kind to myself! When our “secret” wedding rolled around in September, I decided to do a low-key photo an hour to help me remember bits of the day that our wonderful photographer Sassy, wasn’t around for. Here goes…


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A secret…


As you may have noticed, I took a long and luxurious break from posting – the reason for which has been that we have been busying ourselves with the most wonderful and exciting secret. Of course, for some of you this won’t be a surprise as we’ve been sprinkling our news little by little over the past few weeks and months…

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The Canal Boat


Our canal boat holiday in the first week of April this year was pretty darned wonderful – it was the perfect break from university and placements for me (and well-deserved, too!). Here’s a photo-centric post of our holiday, punctuated by a few words…

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Y9/365: Days 162-168


This past week has been pretty beautiful on the whole. Now that it has come and passed, I’m breathing a sigh of relief at the fact that my exams are well and truly over (well, I hope they are – I’m not throwing my revision notes out until I know for sure I’ve passed the last two!).
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Y9/365: Days 78-84


Afternoon folks, and happy Monday! I’ve just sat down to my PC with a cup of tea, and I fully intend to make a start on my next essay (!) as well as having a little relax by getting up-to-date with my blog reader. Before I get started on that, though, here are my latest week of self-portraits, from the 14th to the 20th of May; a lovely week! Here goes…

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Pre-Christmas 2012


Last but not least, here’s the promised selection of images showing what the lead up to Christmas looked like in our house this year: ‘doctored’ Christmas cards (note the Death Star!); yummy baked goodies (Malin is a magical baker); parcels full of gorgeous decorations from Malin’s ma (my favourites are the straw goats – so sweet); fun lights (that’s just one of many Christmas-themed lights in our house!) and family! I even made a stop-motion of the tree being ‘fluffed’ and decorated in our house… Click here to see the video on Flickr.


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