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Hello 2017.


Happy New Year, friends!


Let’s not get into the “I can’t believe it’s 2017s!” – I want to concentrate on the year ahead, and consider how I can use 2016 as a springboard for even more awesomeness. Here goes…

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Resolutions for 2016 – 6 month review


Hey guys! I’ve been thinking about life, the universe and everything, and thought I’d take a step back and consider how 2016 has been going so far… As July has well and truly arrived, it’s 6 months on since I made my resolutions for 2016, and I find it’s always a good idea to give myself a kick in the right direction where my goals are concerned! If you fancy taking a look at my original resolutions post, here it is: Resolutions for 2016.

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A new recipe a month 2015, pt 2


! Got back here eventually, didn’t I?! As you may be aware, I made it one of my resolutions for 2015 to try a new recipe a month. I succeeded and then some – most months I cooked several new recipes, but I tried my best to pick a photogenic one for the resolution! Here goes… (Click on the name of dish for a link to the recipe/s!)

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Resolutions for 2016


2016! How on Earth did that happen?! I’ve decided to jump in quickly to talk goals and resolutions for the new year… I didn’t smash my resolutions for 2015 like I usually do (I’m pretty stubborn, so once I’ve put my name to something, I like to get it right!), so consideration of what to aim for in 2016 is required…

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A new recipe a month 2015, pt 1


It’s high-time that I updated you all on the progress of my goals and resolutions for this year, so I decided that my blog post for today would be all about one of those goals and resolutions that has been going extremely well – cooking one new recipe each month, throughout the year.


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Resolutions for 2015


I like having a wee bit of time to mull over my achievements for the past year and consider what I want to aim for during the following one, so let’s split this down the middle… What goals did I achieve in 2014?
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Biggest Challenge


Today’s photo prompt for #Lovetober was “Biggest Challenge”. It took me a long time to get going with this theme, as I couldn’t decide on a challenge to depict, let alone how to depict it…


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Goals & Resolutions 2014: Three Months To Go…


Just over three months to go until we reach 2015 (!) so I thought I better do a little post on my goals & resolutions for 2014, to encourage me to get a wriggle on with the ones I’m not working on as well as the others..! My original post on goals & resolutions for 2014 is here, and my six month re-cap is here.


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Goals & Resolutions 2014: Halfway Point


As it’s now July, I thought I’d do a re-cap on how my goals for this year are going! I’m going to break each goal down from my original resolution list, and then talk about how well that goal is going…


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Resolutions for 2014


I set myself just three resolutions last year, and I’m happy to report that I succeeded with them all in varying degrees!


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