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10 easy midwifery essay writing tips


Essays, essays, essays.


I mention that dreaded word on this blog quite often – the past few years essays have plagued me more than they ever used to. You may or may not be aware that I received my┬áBA in English & Linguistics years ago before I started my degree in midwifery; back then I actively enjoyed writing essays! These days I find essay writing a lot more arduous, and thought I would share some hints and tips that I used both in my English & Linguistics degree and have been using for my midwifery degree…

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Antenatal Ward


I’m here to greet you, as you raise your head groggily from your pillow.
I always find myself speaking a little more softly than I feel I should,
But it feels right, today, my voice gently soothing in the morning light.
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Care Work: A Reflection


One of the biggest and best decisions in my life to date, is my decision to go into care work. This decision has led me to pursue a career in midwifery and all the experiences I’ve had have taught me the value of respect, dignity, kindness and trust. It has been a big struggle to get to grips with the skills and abilities that go hand-in-hand with caring for people, but it has been a wonderful journey to go through. I would be lying if I said that I’ve enjoyed every second of it, but I’m telling the complete truth when I say that I am so, so pleased that I made the decision to begin my journey in healthcare.

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Care Work


Standing outside someone’s home, wondering. Feeling all sorts of nerves, and preening yourself, before standing tall and knocking on the door and anxiously waiting to see who will answer and what will be on the other side of the door.

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