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The Canal Boat


Our canal boat holiday in the first week of April this year was pretty darned wonderful – it was the perfect break from university and placements for me (and well-deserved, too!). Here’s a photo-centric post of our holiday, punctuated by a few words…

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Photo an Hour: 5th April, 2017


For the entirety of the first week of April we had the pleasure of living on a canal boat (!) with some of our favourite folks. It was exactly what the doctor ordered after the manic first few months of 2017 – there’s nothing quite like relaxing on the roof of a canal boat, reading a book and listening to the birds twitter in the trees and the sway of the water as you glide along…

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Photo an Hour: April 22nd, 2015


A photo an hour for April (my, I’m a bit behind, aren’t I?!). This day was our trip to Loddiswell in Devon, where Jack and I took a lovely holiday in a gorgeous place we found on Airbnb. Please read/look on…


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Mays Past, 2010


Looking back, 2010 seemed like a pretty fun year overall…


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Scotland 2014


Last week I went camping in Scotland with my friend Steve. We spent time in Edinburgh and Newtonmore, before visiting Loch Ness and trundling home…


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A Change of Plans


As many of you know, Dave and I booked tickets to fly to India in early September. I’ve made the tricky decision to cancel my flights, and did so yesterday morning. I wanted to make a simple announcement, rather than having to explain the situation repeatedly!

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Swimming in Vaddo

I’ve been meaning to create this video ever since returning from Sweden in August! I’m glad I finally sat down and did it – such a wonderful reminder of the gorgeous summer just gone.
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Surstromming Adventure!


Before I start, please click this link to see a video of a group of guys opening a tin of Surströmming for the first time… It’ll give you a pretty good indication of how it smells! Incidentally, this was the video that Malin first sent me when it was suggested that we try Surströmming; I wasn’t that enthusiastic about the idea!

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