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The Canal Boat


Our canal boat holiday in the first week of April this year was pretty darned wonderful – it was the perfect break from university and placements for me (and well-deserved, too!). Here’s a photo-centric post of our holiday, punctuated by a few words…

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Photo an Hour: 24th February, 2016

Here’s my photo an hour for February! It was a mid-week day on one of my days off, and my mum and step-dad came over to help me with some DIY shenanigans. It ended with some shopping, kitty cuddles and silliness with chocolate. Without further ado…

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Photo an Hour: 31st January, 2016


I thought I better post my photo an hour from January before we get much deeper into February… I ended up taking the photos on the last day of January, mostly due to the non-stop craziness from packing, moving, decorating and keeping up with my university work. It was a lovely, slow Sunday, our first real day of relaxation since 2016 started, I’d say!

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Photo an Hour: 23rd December, 2015


Happy Friday guys! Here’s a look back to December (how does it feel so long ago already?!) with my photo an hour post for December. Just two days before Christmas, but plenty of Christmas cheer…

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Craft Beer Advent Calendar, pt 2


Two weeks ago I wrote about the fabulous craft beer advent calendar that Jack got me for Christmas. I reviewed the first 12 beers, and now I’m back to review the latter 12! Here goes…


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Photo an Hour: November 7th, 2015


My penultimate photo an hour a post for 2015 (!!) – I can’t believe that this year is close to finishing! Anyway, here’s a lovely (despite being rather rainy!) Saturday spent with Jack, featuring delicious food, cocktails, London, fireworks, squirrels and beer. Whoop whoop!


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Photo an Hour: October 24th, 2015


One busy Saturday in autumn, spent between Leigh-on-Sea, Westcliff and Basildon. Here goes…

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Photo an Hour: September 12th, 2015


Yet another lovely day! These photos were taken on a Saturday we spent in Bristol – it was sunny, Bristol was fabulous, we found lots of lovely places and we had a marvelous day. Huzzah!

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… Back from Bristol & Bath!


Hello lovelies!


Jack and I returned from Bristol and Bath last night, having eaten some of the most amazing food, as well as pogging ourselves full of wine and ale (not to mention going to a spa!). We had a fabulous weekend, and I was hoping to share some of it with you today via a photo an hour post that I took on Saturday… However, time has not been on my side and I’ve not managed to get the photos edited and ready for a blog post (boo!). So, in the meantime, take note of how thrilled we look in the banner above – we’d just had a delicious meal at The Pony and Trap and were feeling pretty pleased with our scrumptious food and the view we’d been treated to throughout our meal.


Hope you’ve had a grand weekend too!


Photo an Hour: August 22nd, 2015


This was one of the loveliest days in forever – Jack and I spent the day in London pottering about, before going for a gorgeous evening meal and then meeting Bags for cocktails at Meltdown. Here goes..!

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