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This video of Neil Gaiman explaining that “different is good” is the best.

Tessa Perlow’s embroidery makes me swoon!

Such a pretty dress.

♥ This lemon and poppy seed cake looks so very, very delicious.

♥ Apparently, hot baths burn as many calories as a 30 minute walk. Sounds like a good excuse to take lots of lovely baths if you ask me!

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♥ Mmm, strawberry shortcake shake anyone?

“Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, covered by a trans man before and after treatment. So good.

A cute and easy hair style – my favourite kind!

♥ I love ramen, so I think that this easy vegetarian ramen from scratch looks delicious.

These insects are beautiful.
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♥ For lovers of colour, birds and natural history; the bird-based colour system that eventually became pantone.

♥ When someone tells you the climate is always changing, show them this cartoon.

♥ This blue plaid dress by Emily and Fin is gorgeous!

♥ Emma’s always making recipes that look delicious, and this creamy white wine zoodles recipe is no exception – yum!
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♥ Now I’ve discovered Keeping Up With The Kattarshians, I think I’ll be spending a lot of time watching them…

♥ Mmm, coffee scrub anyone?!

This black lentil dal sounds write up my street. Yum!

♥ I enjoyed Sandra’s round-up of images for women’s day – anledningar till den 8 mars.
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Fancy making your cat some cookies?! Me too!

Space cat, you guys!

♥ I tried to make milkmaid braids with my hair fairly recently, but was sad to find it was still a little bit too short (though, not long to grow now!) – Rebecca’s milkmaid twists look like the perfect remedy.

♥ Mmm, this spring pie sounds delicious.

Such a pretty ring.

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♥ I’m loving these beeswax candles.

♥ Mmm, winter citrus smoothie in grapefruit bowls!

♥ After having my trusty fox eye mask for years, I think I might get a new one soon… And because I love it so much, I want to get another one from HannahDoodle.

♥ Sincerely Louise makes some amazing knitting kits and patterns – I love this uni-cat!
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♥ The next time I visit Edinburgh I’ll definitely be making use of this ethical shopping guide by Wendy.

Sandra wrote a post about how she manages anxiety – lots of good tips!

♥ Daria made this awesome printable kitty wrapping paper for valentine’s day. Aw!

♥ I’m always after new up-do ideas for when I’m on placement, so this easy messy updo for shorter hair by Rebecca is perfect.

These felt planters are adorable!
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This pin makes me smile – I also think it’s a great suggestion to take on board!

♥ Mmm, these healthy breakfast muffins look yummy!

♥ So, plum and pigeon make some really beautiful clothes… And let’s face, plum and pigeon is such an awesome name, how could they not?!

Words to ban from your vocabulary. I’m guilty of frequently using lots of these!
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♥ I’m always a fool for pretty earrings.

Gin forever!

♥ As we’re on a bit of a soup kick, I think that this winter green soup is bound to make its way into our repertoire!

♥ This is such a darling brooch.

♥ Who else wants a Legend of Zelda skirt?!
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♥ Marielle recently blogged about Maqluba – I’d not heard of it before then, but now I really want to try this recipe. It looks so tasty!

Yoga moves to improve posture – I think I need some of these bad boys!

♥ Obvious state makes the most gorgeous prints. My favourites have to be Jack London and Chaucer, of course.

♥ Signs of breast cancer explained using lemons.

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