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♥ I wish that computers had some kind of scratch-n-sniff function – this candle looks and sounds like it would smell absolutely delicious… I just really want to smell it!

♥ Post-birth, this peach and basil whisky sour sounds SO good.

This rag wreath is so colourful and cute! It reminds me of a morris rag coat.

♥ KraftyKDesign make some adorable planters, like this gorgeous face planter and this fox one, too!

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Link Round-Up


Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2 was released this week, and we’ve been enjoying cooking up some of our old favourites, as well as cooking some new and exciting dishes!

♥ I really want to try this whirlybuns recipe.

♥ This dad’s letter from tooth fairy to his son is brilliant… Parenting goals.

♥ Emma has written 17 tips for an environmentally friendly wardrobe.

♥ As I posted on Thursday, Jack and I got married this week!! We were super thrilled to have Sassy of Assassynation photograph the day, and she’s already posted some magnificent sneak peaks on Facebook – go see, go see!

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Link Round-Up


This antipasto platter looks divine.

♥ Who else fancies trying to make their own cat bed?!

♥ Jack made these delicious cookies for his work bake-off last week – not only are they super delicious, they’re easy to make and you can freeze the dough!

♥ Rifle Paper Co. teamed with Keds to make the prettiest sneakers. Swoon!
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Link Round-Up


The cutest corkscrew.

♥ Pretty much in love with the new camera bag collaboration between A Beautiful Mess and Kelly Moore!

This shoe DIY! Ahh!

♥ Rhubarb buttermilk upside down cake, anyone?

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Laser cats!

♥ Ever fancied making your own custom coloured nail polish?

You should’ve asked. Something that a lot of the ladies I meet in community would be able to relate to. (See also: holidays.)

♥ I’m always on the look out for cute planters and dishes – isn’t this hedgehog dish adorable?!
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Link Round-Up


♥ I love Daria’s collection of 10 staple recipes from famous travel destinations. Everything looks so delicious!

Turning trash cans into giant vases. Yasss!

♥ I’ve been drinking tea a lot more often lately, so I’ve been perusing teapots… Isn’t this one pretty?

♥ If we did get a new teapot, we should probably get new cups and saucers too, right? (If only we had room in the cupboards for them, ha!) I’ve been eyeing up these beautiful blue flecked ones. Swoon!
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Link Round-Up


♥ Hummus is one of my favourite snacks right now, so this power hummus recipe is definitely going on my list of recipes to try!

♥ I desperately want to watch The Handmaid’s Tale!

This book locket is so sweet!

♥ Good looking objects make some amazing jewellery – isn’t this necklace beautiful?

♥ A low-down on cruelty-free and vegan labels/logos, and their legitimacy.
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Link Round-Up


♥ I’m crushing over these gorgeous aqua clogs, aren’t they lovely?!

♥ This is probably the most adorable colouring in book.

Catch + release (this beautiful print is available in pink too, swoon!).

Sandra made onigiri at home and now I really want to get some moulds and try to! It looks so good!

Now this is pretty darned cool. Science!
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Link Round-Up


♥ I’m dreaming of this rhubarb upside-down spice cake. Mmm…

♥ Apparently rosemary is my new best friend, especially for the next few weeks of exams.

IKEA being awesome.

♥ It’s always the little things, like this unicorn kisses lip balm.
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Link Round-Up


This lovely dress should be in my life.

♥ Late to the game, but, isn’t etsy studio the best?!

♥ These earrings are so pretty.

♥ Mmm, white lasagne!

♥ Such a cute pin!
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