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Photo an Hour: 25th February, 2017


I’ve finally managed to edit and upload my photos from my last day of a photo an hour! It was a day spent in London with Jack, Laurence and Luke – that in itself should tell you it was awesome, but add to that going to a few of my favourite places (you guys, The Whistling Shop is just wonderful!) meant it was an even more fabulous day. Yay! Carry on scrolling for the photos…

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Photo an Hour: 13th October, 2016


Last Thursday I had a laid-back morning before jumping on a train to London to spend the day with West, shooting photos. It was a pretty awesome day – scroll through for the photos!

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Days 225-231: Y9/Y5


In an effort to actually catch-up with my daily projects, I’ve worked my way through the photos from the past week and have actually got them ready to share with you today. Whoop! So, here’s my daily photos from the 8th to the 14th of October…

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Days 218-224: Y9/Y5


I’m feeling all sorts of calm and content today, no doubt owing to the fact that I’ve had three days off of placement in a row (a rarity!) which I’ve spent being productive, as well as spending quality time with Jack and Laurence. It all adds up to make a pretty happy me!

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Days 211-217: Y9/Y5


Another week has flown by, and somehow I still haven’t managed to get up-to-date with my photo posts… Doh! This is mainly because of the fact that I’ve been trying to cram far too many things into my week, and being back on placement has drained me of energy – on Wednesday night I actually fell asleep during GBBO (!) because I was so tired.


Today I have a day of rest, however, so I’ve been giving the flat a good ol’ clean, as well as trying to play catch-up with university work, my blog reader, Getty submissions, and well, having a bit of a rest!

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Days 204-210: Y9/Y5


Yesterday I met up with my good friend West, who I started chatting to through Flickr over 10 years ago. Just being around him and chatting about cameras, lenses and shooting has been giving me a bit of a burst of enthusiasm to just get outside and and snap away – I hope the enthusiasm lasts for a while!

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Photo an Hour: 17th September, 2016


Before the end of September creeps up on me, here I am posting my photo an hour from a couple of Saturdays ago. We had an early start so Jack could go into work to get some bits and bobs done, before we headed to Bags’ leaving lunch. In the evening we went to Paul and Louise’s for a board game night. Awesome day! Scroll down/click through for the photos…

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Photo an Hour: 20th August, 2016


Happy Friday gang! Here’s my photo an hour post taken a few weeks ago when we had a grand day out at the Bermondsey Beer Mile as a belated birthday-day for Jack. We had a pretty rad day, as you will no doubt be able to tell from the photos! Here they come…

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Project 365/Y5: Days 155-161


This week has been pretty darn rad, really.


We’ve been quite naughty in the food department – one takeaway, two meals out, a wine tasting… But obviously, all worth it! And as it’s all part of Jack’s birthday sandwich, it’s all good!

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Photo an Hour: 30th July, 2016


As promised, here’s my photo an hour post from the Saturday just gone. It’s a little cycle-centric as Jack was gearing up for cycling 100 miles for Ride London on the Sunday! We stayed at a flat in Canary Wharf overnight and had a delicious meal in the evening. Without further ado…

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