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Days 253-259: Y9/Y5


Why hello Friday, lovely Friday! I’m feeling good to be out of lectures bright and early today – it means I can make an early start on an assignment, get a bit of tidying done and get this post online before the sun goes down… And even better yet, as Jack’s working from home today I get to sit next to him and have a natter while we work!


This post features photos from the 5th of November through to the 11th of November, starting with the LAN party and ending on a fundraising night out with Jack and some of the ladies at university! Here goes…

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A new recipe a month 2015, pt 2


! Got back here eventually, didn’t I?! As you may be aware, I made it one of my resolutions for 2015 to try a new recipe a month. I succeeded and then some – most months I cooked several new recipes, but I tried my best to pick a photogenic one for the resolution! Here goes… (Click on the name of dish for a link to the recipe/s!)

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