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A tentative hello.


Greetings from a little sunny window in March! I’ve been putting off trying to start things back up here until I “have the time” but it’s starting to dawn on me that, that’s unlikely to happen any time soon… Make the time I must!


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One month ago today our wonderful, perfect son was born.


It already feels like he has been here with us for months and months, and simultaneously that it was just yesterday that we drove back here and showed him around his home for the first time.
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A secret…


As you may have noticed, I took a long and luxurious break from posting – the reason for which has been that we have been busying ourselves with the most wonderful and exciting secret. Of course, for some of you this won’t be a surprise as we’ve been sprinkling our news little by little over the past few weeks and months…

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Hello 2017.


Happy New Year, friends!


Let’s not get into the “I can’t believe it’s 2017s!” – I want to concentrate on the year ahead, and consider how I can use 2016 as a springboard for even more awesomeness. Here goes…

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