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Days 267-273: Y9/Y5


Good evening chums! I’m feeling pretty happy today – I’m doing my November photo an hour post (oops, left it until the penultimate day of the month!) and have had a¬†pretty productive day thus far. I actually have dinner in the oven already (a slow cook casserole which I have big hopes and dreams for…) which is not a usual occurrence for me!


Anyway, here are the weeks photos from last week – the 19th to the 25th. Enjoy!

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Days 260-266: Y9/Y5


Another week of university, another week of daily photos! Here goes…

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Days 204-210: Y9/Y5


Yesterday I met up with my good friend West, who I started chatting to through Flickr over 10 years ago. Just being around him and chatting about cameras, lenses and shooting has been giving me a bit of a burst of enthusiasm to just get outside and and snap away РI hope the enthusiasm lasts for a while!

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Y9/365: Days 162-168


This past week has been pretty beautiful on the whole. Now that it has come and passed, I’m breathing a sigh of relief at the fact that my exams are well and truly over (well, I hope they are – I’m not throwing my revision notes out until I know for sure I’ve passed the last two!).
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Y9/365: Days 148-154


This past week has flown by, like most weeks seem to right now. Saturday marked Jack’s return to England from France (hurrah!) and the week itself saw a few little adventures of its own. Here goes…

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Y9/365: Days 22-28


Fancy taking a gander at yet another week of my self-portraiture project? Of course you do! Come on and pull up a pew…

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