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Days 267-273: Y9/Y5


Good evening chums! I’m feeling pretty happy today – I’m doing my November photo an hour post (oops, left it until the penultimate day of the month!) and have had a¬†pretty productive day thus far. I actually have dinner in the oven already (a slow cook casserole which I have big hopes and dreams for…) which is not a usual occurrence for me!


Anyway, here are the weeks photos from last week – the 19th to the 25th. Enjoy!

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Days 260-266: Y9/Y5


Another week of university, another week of daily photos! Here goes…

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Days 232-238: Y9/Y5


Another week of October, done and dusted… It was yet another blur in this month, for me – my current placement has kept me pretty darned busy!


My week started off with not one, but two 13 hour shifts..! When I take that into consideration, it’s little wonder that I’ve been feeling tired lately. Thankfully, Jack and the kitties have been being as perfect as they always are, and that softens the the blow of long shift considerably! Nonetheless, on Monday I was feeling pretty overwhelmed and in need of hugs – which I got.

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Days 204-210: Y9/Y5


Yesterday I met up with my good friend West, who I started chatting to through Flickr over 10 years ago. Just being around him and chatting about cameras, lenses and shooting has been giving me a bit of a burst of enthusiasm to just get outside and and snap away РI hope the enthusiasm lasts for a while!

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Y9/365: Days 162-168


This past week has been pretty beautiful on the whole. Now that it has come and passed, I’m breathing a sigh of relief at the fact that my exams are well and truly over (well, I hope they are – I’m not throwing my revision notes out until I know for sure I’ve passed the last two!).
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Project 365/Y5: Days 155-161


This week has been pretty darn rad, really.


We’ve been quite naughty in the food department – one takeaway, two meals out, a wine tasting… But obviously, all worth it! And as it’s all part of Jack’s birthday sandwich, it’s all good!

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Project 365/Y5: Days 148-154


My current status: delighted to be full of jam on toast, eager for my second cup of coffee and feeling pretty darned happy that our smiley postman just delivered one of Jack’s birthday presents. Tuesday is a happy beast!

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Y9/365: Days 148-154


This past week has flown by, like most weeks seem to right now. Saturday marked Jack’s return to England from France (hurrah!) and the week itself saw a few little adventures of its own. Here goes…

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Y9/365: Days 127-133


I’m not sure how you feel, but I’m starting to feel like July is flying by at a rapid speed! This Saturday will mark 6 months since Jack and I popped open a bottle of champagne in our home for the first time… How mad is that?! Anyhow, on with the photos…

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Project 365/Y5: Days 106-112


Happy Wednesday, folks! Here I am again, bringing you some fairly belated photos from last week – the gear up to the end of placement, exams and essay deadlines are looming over me, so simple things like successfully scheduling posts seems to be beyond me, right now..! Anyway, here are the photos from the 11th to the 17th June…

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