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Photo an Hour: 28th January, 2017


On Saturday morning I woke up to my alarm, and remembering I’d decided to take my photo an hour for January on this day (mainly because there were only four days left of January and two of them I would not be able to take a photo an hour in) I let myself hit snooze once, and then rolled out of bed to be greeted by the kitties…

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Seaside Stroll.


At some point in 2016, I made a deal with myself that I would leave the house every day. It helps keep me sane, even if I just walk 10 minutes down the road to buy groceries and then walk back again. It’s a good deal, and I’m pretty glad that I made it.

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Project 365/Y5: Days 64-70


Happy hump day friends! Here’s another week of non-selfies – I’ve spent a few days of it feeling under the weather, but hopefully the photos don’t show that! Here goes…

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Project 365/Y5: Days 36-42


Another photography update! This post is brought to you from the week commencing the 2nd of April…

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Photo an Hour: 20th March, 2016

My photo an hour for March was taken on what was a pretty lazy, but also pretty tiring Sunday… I decided that it would be a grand idea to stay awake after a 12-hour night shift and take a photo an hour in the process. I mostly spent the day in a zombie-like sleep-deprived state, though it was sunny and relaxing, nonetheless! Jack should take full credit for keeping me awake and reminding me to take photos throughout the day!

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Westcliff-on-Sea to Shoeburyness


Sheds and I walked from Westcliff-on-Sea to Shoeburyness a couple of weeks back, here’s a few photos taken on our wander…


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