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Photo an Hour: 12th September, 2017


When I took my rather lengthy break from blogging earlier this year, I also ceased my photo an hour projects. I attempted a photo an hour at Caroline & Nori’s wedding, realised how difficult that was to achieve in the first trimester and decided to be kind to myself! When our “secret” wedding rolled around in September, I decided to do a low-key photo an hour to help me remember bits of the day that our wonderful photographer Sassy, wasn’t around for. Here goes…


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Photo an Hour: 25th March, 2017


As promised yesterday, here is my photo an hour post from March! It was a beautiful, sunny day spent being extremely indulgent… Jack’s folks came to visit us in the afternoon, and then later in the evening his sister Suki joined us too. The five of us went out for a delicious meal in the evening, after having spent a few hours sampling wine and cocktails beforehand! Here come the photos…

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Photo an Hour: 20th March, 2016

My photo an hour for March was taken on what was a pretty lazy, but also pretty tiring Sunday… I decided that it would be a grand idea to stay awake after a 12-hour night shift and take a photo an hour in the process. I mostly spent the day in a zombie-like sleep-deprived state, though it was sunny and relaxing, nonetheless! Jack should take full credit for keeping me awake and reminding me to take photos throughout the day!

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