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Photo an Hour: 5th April, 2017


For the entirety of the first week of April we had the pleasure of living on a canal boat (!) with some of our favourite folks. It was exactly what the doctor ordered after the manic first few months of 2017 – there’s nothing quite like relaxing on the roof of a canal boat, reading a book and listening to the birds twitter in the trees and the sway of the water as you glide along…

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Seaside Stroll.


At some point in 2016, I made a deal with myself that I would leave the house every day. It helps keep me sane, even if I just walk 10 minutes down the road to buy groceries and then walk back again. It’s a good deal, and I’m pretty glad that I made it.

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Days 288-294: Y9/Y5

I’m currently sitting at my desk getting distracted by the world outside – today is one of those grey days that starts to improve when the sun begins to fade and the fairy lights start twinkling in trees and windows. I struggle to feel cheerful in the winter sometimes, but it’s always best to focus on the happy things – excited children skipping down the road, hearing a squeaky cat yawn (as B has made his bed behind my desk, there’s plenty of those today), watching beautiful videos, fresh coffee in a winter Moomin mug, wrapping gifts for the people I love, listening to (deliciously cheerful and danceable!) new music and of course, those tiny lights that wink in the darkness.

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Days 281-287: Y9/Y5


Today is the day that I get to say – “it’s less than two weeks until Christmas!” – I feel like I can start to get really excited, now. This past week I’ve enjoyed getting our fairy lights out of storage, and digging about in various boxes to find decorations and such. Not to mention wrapping presents and writing cards. Anyway, shall we let the photos speak for themselves? Do let’s!

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Project 365/Y5: Days 141-147


It turns out that gearing up for August has become a little intense; this week has been running away with me completely! I can’t believe that this Sunday/Monday we’ll be waving goodbye to July and greeting August. How did that even happen?!

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Sunset GIF from October 2009

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Westcliff-on-Sea to Shoeburyness


Sheds and I walked from Westcliff-on-Sea to Shoeburyness a couple of weeks back, here’s a few photos taken on our wander…


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“There is not one big cosmic meaning…”



“There is not one big cosmic meaning for all, there is only the meaning we each give to our life, an individual meaning, an individual plot, like an individual novel, a book for each person.”

– Anaïs Nin


(The photograph was taken in Ringarum, Sweden in the winter of 2011.)

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