Seaside Stroll.

  At some point in 2016, I made a deal with myself that I would leave the house every day. It helps keep me sane, even if I just walk 10 minutes down the road to buy groceries and then walk back again. It’s a … Continue readingSeaside Stroll.

Days 288-294: Y9/Y5

I’m currently sitting at my desk getting distracted by the world outside – today is one of those grey days that starts to improve when the sun begins to fade and the fairy lights start twinkling in trees and windows. I struggle to feel cheerful … Continue readingDays 288-294: Y9/Y5

Project 365/Y5: Days 141-147

  It turns out that gearing up for August has become a little intense; this week has been running away with me completely! I can’t believe that this Sunday/Monday we’ll be waving goodbye to July and greeting August. How did that even happen?!