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10 easy midwifery essay writing tips


Essays, essays, essays.


I mention that dreaded word on this blog quite often – the past few years essays have plagued me more than they ever used to. You may or may not be aware that I received my BA in English & Linguistics years ago before I started my degree in midwifery; back then I actively enjoyed writing essays! These days I find essay writing a lot more arduous, and thought I would share some hints and tips that I used both in my English & Linguistics degree and have been using for my midwifery degree…

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15 Tips for Surviving Night Shifts


♥ In preparation for working a night shift, you may want to start altering your sleep schedule. Staying up late the night before and waking up late morning/early afternoon is definitely what works best for me. Sometimes this isn’t possible, and when it’s not, I try to make sure that I can have a nap the afternoon before my shift begins.
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