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Photo an Hour: 5th April, 2017


For the entirety of the first week of April we had the pleasure of living on a canal boat (!) with some of our favourite folks. It was exactly what the doctor ordered¬†after the manic first few months of 2017 –¬†there’s nothing quite like relaxing on the roof of a canal boat, reading a book and listening to the birds twitter in the trees and the sway of the water as you glide along…

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Project 365/Y5: Days 176-182


August has been a whirlwind month, for sure. Like I said yesterday, this week of photos (20th – 26th August) seems like forever ago! Beer tasting, bicycle rides, board games, Vsixtea (hoho!), DIYs a’plenty, trying out new recipes, seeing Avalon for sushi, a night at Beer and Buns, fussing Bongo, afternoon tea, hospital visits, hot weather, cooking a peri peri chicken feast for Jack, Bags and myself, and of course, plenty of gaming. Phew.

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Photo an Hour: September 12th, 2015


Yet another lovely day! These photos were taken on a Saturday we spent in Bristol – it was sunny, Bristol was fabulous, we found lots of lovely places and we had a marvelous day. Huzzah!

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