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Photo an Hour: 25th March, 2017


As promised yesterday, here is my photo an hour post from March! It was a beautiful, sunny day spent being extremely indulgent… Jack’s folks came to visit us in the afternoon, and then later in the evening his sister Suki joined us too. The five of us went out for a delicious meal in the evening, after having spent a few hours sampling wine and cocktails beforehand! Here come the photos…

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Project 365/Y5: Days 134-140


After a fun-filled day (I got to meet Jenn for the first time, after being friends on the internet for over a decade!!) I’ve just gotten home, fed the kitties and put some pasta on the hob. Before I relax into the evening, I’m going to throw up my non-selfies from last week for you guys to gander at. Here goes…

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Y9/365: Days 134-140


I’m feeling pretty scatter-brained today; Jack and I woke up at 3am and fumbled around upstairs trying to wake ourselves up. He had to be at the airport for an early morning flight, and I wanted to wave him off, so I drove him there at ridiculous o’clock this morning. When I got home and turned my key in the lock, I felt like I’d worked a night shift – body clock sadness for real! I always think I’ll be productive when I have an early start, but despite being home for nearly five hours, I’ve done very little besides drinking a lot of coffee…

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Project 365 #4


In addition to my self-portraiture project, four years ago I undertook taking another photograph every day… The only rule is that the photo must not be a self-portrait! Here are the 12 most favourited photos (on Flickr) from my Project 365 taken in the past year…

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