10 Fantastic Blogs


I’m an avid blog reader, and since I’ve been working as a carer I have cultivated a long list of blogs that I love reading in my down-time! In no order, the blogs listed below are my 10 absolute favourites…


A Beautiful Mess


A Beautiful Mess is run by co-authors (and sisters!) Elsie and Emma. It’s the most fun, bright and colourful lifestyle blog I’ve ever come across, and the content is always fresh and exciting. My favourite features are definitely the crafts and recipes, but I adore looking at all of their interior projects and ideas, seeing the gorgeous photography in all of the posts and pouring over the inspirational finds that they discover and share.


Rock ‘n Roll Bride


Rock ‘n Roll Bride is a fantastic guide to offbeat weddings that don’t adhere to the traditional wedding styles that saturate the market. It was created by the amazing Kat and began life as a planning site for her own wedding. My favourite features? Everything I think! I love the variety of photographic styles that are showcased in the carefully curated weddings she posts, I look forward to reading Kat’s business tips and I also adore reading her Thursday Treats posts with their links to gorgeous things. Yay!


The Dainty Squid


The Dainty Squid is the blog of the bright and colourful-haired Kaylah. Her blog is a fun-packed explosion of cute, animals, colour and fun! My favourite features are definitely her gorgeous outfits, her photo-an-hour posts, her stunning nail art and her kooky collections. Also, bonus points for the fabulous blog name, amiright?!


And Kathleen


 And Kathleen is a very recent discovery for me, and I’m over the moon about finding it! It is the blog of the fearless and fantastic Kathleen who writes about the importance of positive interaction, doing things you love and making the changes in your life that will make you happy. My favourite features are her Creative Coaching posts, her journey giving birth to Fox, as well as reading about her time in Nepal.


Scathingly Brilliant


Kate is the author of the fabulous titled Scathingly Brilliant. As well as being an extremely talented illustrator, she also runs the adorable shop Sweet and Lovely and posts cute photos of her fluffy darlings – Arrietty, Chloe, Hypatia and Hubble! I adore Kate’s feminine style and love of all things feline, so it makes sense that my favourite features are her style posts, anything featuring her lovely cats and her gorgeous DIYs & interior ideas.




Wishwishwish is the blog of the stylish and sweet Carrie. I’ve been following her blog for many years now, and in fact won a competition on it years ago (I won two very cute dresses!). Whenever I think of Carrie I picture her wearing Orla Kiely (who, like Carrie, I absolutely adore), wearing a beehive and walking along cobbled streets! My favourite features have to be her beautifully photographed and styled outfit posts and the beauty tips and tricks.


Nubby Twiglet


Nubby Twiglet is the elegant graphic design maven Shauna. She recently launched We Are Branch, a boutique design studio, and has been developing stunning branding solutions for many well-known businesses as well as collaborations with a great deal of small businesses. My favourite features are her Link Love posts and the fabulous Blog Log series. I also love her inclination towards black and white graphic prints!


Gala Darling


Gala Darling! What can one say about the fabulous Gala Darling?! She is the queen of all things sparkley and sequined, and is the pioneer of radical self love. Her blog is one of the first blogs that I ever followed, and without reading her posts I would definitely not have been introduced to Nubby Twiglet or Rock ‘n Roll Bride! My favourite posts are definitely the Carousel, advice and travel posts.




Daria is the wonderful lady behind Kittenhood, a blog amalgamating personal style, crafts and fashion. I absolutely adore her outfit posts and love the way that she uses colour, alongside the beautiful photography that captures them. I’ve linked to a fair few of her fabulous DIYs in my link round-up posts, but I’m also fond of her weekend marvel posts, too!




Last but not least is Designlovefest, the creation of the extremely talented Bri. Designlovefest is a lifestyle blog with a focus on fun, bright colours and a certain artistic flair! It features outfit posts, DIYs, advice, travel posts, recipes, entertaining ideas… A bit of everything lovely! My favourite posts are the DIYs, recipes/cocktail ideas, beautiful photo shoots and also when Bri talks frankly about her life and opens discussion on personal issues.


Well there you have it! I hope I’ve helped you to discover a few bloggers that you weren’t already a fan of. Who are your favourite bloggers? I’m always keen to follow new people, so please leave comments with your favourites!


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