10 Things You Might Not Know About Me


I’ve been reading through the “10 Things” lists being written by some of my favourite bloggers and decided that I had to join in!


* I love playing computer games. My favourites are L4D/2, Diablo II/III and anything by Double Fine. Also, when I’m feeling exceedingly self-indulgent, I install The Sims 3…

* I have seen my favourite band, Fairport Convention, at least 20 times. Blimey!

* I somehow managed to receive a 100% result when sitting my English Language exam on Communication in Technology. This was particularly impressive because I’d previously gotten a grade “C” and was re-taking it purely to see if I could get a higher level, and hadn’t revised for it…

* My favourite key signature is D Minor. It’s delicious in all of the best ways.

* I have an awful habit of pulling my hair out, though I do it a lot less than I used to!

* I’m a terrible liar, which means I’m entirely useless at playing games which require you to cheat…




* When people buy me fresh flowers it makes me absurdly happy. I like to bury my face in them and smell how gorgeous they are. Ahh!

* Sometimes, teeth and feet really freak me out.

 * When I was a teenager, if I felt sad, I would buy and devour a huge tub of coleslaw until I felt so full/ill I couldn’t concentrate on my unhappiness anymore.

* Once, my best friend and I pulled down her bedroom curtains whilst trying to fly. Her parents weren’t that impressed…


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2 Replies to “10 Things You Might Not Know About Me”

  1. Omg I did the exact same thing to some curtains! Haha! It was the living room curtains and I was swinging from them pretending to be Superman. Good times! 😉

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