2012: A Year in Review


2012 has certainly been an interesting year…

♥ I launched this website! It took me a rather long time to prepare it and make sure it was exactly how I wanted it, as well as create the “Rainbow” images of my friends that I wanted to be on the homepage. I’m so pleased that I finally pulled it all together and launched it! It’s been fun and exciting, as well as a big learning curve (especially with the hacking occurrences before I even launched it!).

♥ I bought a house with my brother and Malin! We moved in, in May and we’re still in the middle of doing-it-up but it’s absolutely amazing to have our own home. If you fancy seeing bits of it in progress, click here!

♥ The wonderful 5×5 photographic magazine featuring my photography – I’ve been lucky enough to have my work featured in both issue 1 and 2. Yeehaw!




♥ I finished my photo editing contract with the Natural History Museum, as part of the Coreoidea Species File (otherwise known as the best museum in the world/one of my absolute favourite places!) which I was thrilled to have had the chance to contribute to.

♥ The landscaping company I currently work for offered me a job – which has provided me with some interesting photographic opportunities, as well as lots of experience (including helping me to become involved with bringing much Christmas cheer but most valuably through me being able to try my hand at commercial photography and graphic design).

♥ I visited Sweden for the third time (!) which led to…

Photographing my first wedding!




♥ I began a brand new photographic project – Project365 – and I’ve really enjoyed forcing myself out of the little self-portraiture bubble that I always find myself hiding in!

♥ The Hoxton Gallery in London featured my work in my first real exhibition, as part of the 2011 mentorship scheme for the Young Photographers’ Alliance at the Hoxton Gallery in London. It was a wonderful experience to see my work professionally mounted amongst so many other wonderful pieces of art!

♥ I saw some amazing bands: Ben Folds Five; Bellowhead; Slow Club; Ric Sanders Group; Show of Hands; Morris On; Mawkin; Time Gentlemen Please/The Lock In with The Demon Barbers; Richard Thompson and Fairport Convention!




♥ I performed in the barn dance band I was in for the last time. It was sad to leave, but I was having trouble committing the right amount of time for rehearsals so it was time to go!

The Badger Set released some new designs of jewellery (including some specially commissioned pieces for Thurrock International Film Festival) and was featured as one of the Fair Ivy surprise packages. Phew! Not to toot the trumpet too much, but our Etsy store has 100% positive feedback and people are always telling us how much they love our pieces…

♥ Hagrid: I dressed up as him. ‘Nuff said.


I’m fond of reading people’s years in review, so I’ve decided to share a couple of my favourites with you! Please comment if you have a post that you would like to share with me too.


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