2012: Photography Review


One of the groups that I used to frequent, The Female Self-Portrait Artists’ Support Group, used to post a group discussion asking members to “show and tell” various images members have posted on Flickr in the past year. These usually include: the image with the most views; the image with the most favourites; the image with the most comments; the image which was the most intense in terms of the shooting process and the image that you are the most pleased with/is your personal favourite.


Usually, the image itself varies a little but this year, my image with the most views, favourites and comments is the same image… It’s the image that you can see at the top of this post: Let the moonlight take the lid off your dreams. It was inspired by “Lullabye” by Ben Folds Five but was completely unplanned! I’d tied the lights to my bed frame earlier in the day and knew that I wanted to include them in my self-portrait of the day but further than that, it was happy luck!


Most Intense



Creating the above scanograph “Memories” was a lengthy and evolving process. I had a very definite image in my mind before I started to create the image… But was forced to alter it rather drastically when it wouldn’t work (I had wanted one large piece of memory/cloud but this proved extremely difficult to scan!). Furthermore, as you can probably image, glitter is extremely messy to scan (and constantly moves and rearranges itself) and it was awfully hard not to get all of the reeds caught in my hair whilst I extracted my face from the scanner (all the while trying not to drop glitter and cotton wool on the floor).


Still! I’m extremely pleased with the image and I’m glad I continued throughout the different stages it evolved through! As mentioned in the Flickr page for Memories, it’s entirely inspired by the wonderful Paul Sartin of Bellowhead – thank you for the inspiration!


As usual, it’s quite hard to pick just one favourite for the whole year (!) so here’s a few…


Personal Favourites

Morning Comes in Paradise


This had to be included in the list! “Morning Comes in Paradise” is part of the rainbow series I created of my friends for my homepage. It’s of my brother, which makes it extra special to me.




The images above and below are favourites for very similar reasons, as you can probably see from the contents: I adore the piano and the violin! The above is named “With Mozart on her lap.” and the below “Just A Little Louder” they were both created as submissions for The Teleidoscope group. I’m also rather fond of the colour schemes and tones in both photographs – yay for bright colours!




Wedding - Laurence & Malin


Finally, my brother Laurence and his wife Malin got married this year and I was lucky enough to be their photographer! This was not only my favourite taken on the day but also theirs, so it definitely deserves a place in my favourites of the year.


Tomorrow, I’ll be posting a re-cap of all of the exciting things that have happened for me this year, so check back then!


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