2013: Photography Review


Last year I posted my “show and tell” about the images I created and posted to Flickr in the past year, including: the image with the most views; the image with the most favourites; the image with the most comments; the image which was the most intense in terms of the shooting process and the image that you are the most pleased with/is your personal favourite.

Most Viewed

The most viewed image is the one at the top of the page. I shot it very recently, and was very shocked to receive so many hits for! This was my sole idea for The Teleidoscope’s theme “Gender Issues”, though I very nearly took another photo on the day because I wasn’t best pleased with it. Fortunately, many Flickr users took a liking to it!


Most Favourites & Most Comments 


The image with the most favourites and the most comments is the one above – “In That Moment”. I don’t really have anything exciting to say about the image..!


Most Intense


Without a doubt, “Waldeinsamkeit” was the most intense photo that I shot this year! The image was created using a scanner, rather than a camera, and is a composite of multiple scans. Each individual scan took a while to create – I went scavenging in the garden for leaves, soil, ivy, pine cones and needles, and then arranged them on the scanner with sprinkles of glitter! I scanned more images than I needed to because I wasn’t sure exactly what I would use when it came to editing the images together… And let me tell you, the editing took even longer than the scanning did!


Competitors for this title are definitely “To set small fires in a place that’s always dark.” (trying not to set fire to myself proved to be difficult – I singed my hair multiple times!),  Rubber Duck (the googly eyes were extremely hard to place, as I couldn’t see them…) and Sing Ivy (the replica ivy was rather tricky to arrange).


Personal Favourites


I have so many favourites from this year, that I’ve created a set – Best of 2013, however, these are my absolute favourites!



I didn’t want to go crazy picking loads of photos with Dave, but I’m very fond of these two that I’ve taken in the past month – “Two Hundred and Eighty Eight / Year Two.” and “Kisses in Codnor”. Additionally, I adore this photo of my cat, Barnabee, that I took way back in April – “Fifty / Year Two.”.




I’ll be posting resolutions and a year in a review shortly, so check back soon!


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