2014: A Year in Review


Phew! 2014 has made for some exciting changes and unexpected twists and turns…

♥ I celebrated finishing my sixth year of daily photographic self-portraits (and started to question when I might end taking them..!).

♥ I also finished my second year of daily non-self-portraits photography.

♥ My photography was featured in a number of places, including the BBC website.




♥ I started my journey to becoming a student midwife (!!) and have made lots of changes and decisions in respect to this journey.

♥ After a bit of a struggle in the first half of the year, I started to feel really happy in the summertime and feel immensely grateful to have had the support of my wonderful family and friends throughout the year. You guys are the best!

♥ I created a whole bunch of crafty things, as opposed to just sticking with photography… And I really enjoyed it, too!




♥ As usual, I got to see some fabulous bands: Fairport Convention; The Wonder Stuff; Al Stewart; Joe Broughton’s Conservatoire Folk Ensemble; Cara Dillon; Marillion; Dansmall…

♥ I moved to Nottingham… And then rather swiftly moved back to Essex! (And stopped dating Dave.)

♥ I settled down with specific assignments at work and got to work with regular clients, which I’ve really enjoyed. I’m not a fan of driving/travelling for work, and feel a lot more grounded to be back home in Essex.


A few fabulous yearly re-caps and resolutions for the New Year (hello 2015!) from some my favourite folks on the internet:

♥ Gala Darling ♥ Lisa Congdon ♥ Kaylah of The Dainty Squid ♥ Sandra Beijer ♥ Jenn of Penny Poppleton ♥


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