2015: A Year in Review


Saying goodbye to 2015 was a little sad because it treated me pretty well… But saying hello to 2016 made it worth it – I think it’s going to be an awesome year! Here’s to looking back at 2015, though…


♥ Jack and I celebrated our first anniversary.

♥ I became a student midwife.




♥ I finished my seventh year of daily self-portraits, and my third year daily non-self portraits… Obviously, I then started the eighth and fourth years, respectively..!

♥ I worked really, really hard in the first half of the year. One month I clocked over 270 hours. I felt it, too…

♥ I started a little project of scrabble scanographs of quotations by Margaret Atwood, which I’ve been really enjoying, however sporadically I’m adding to it!




♥ Jack and I cooked and baked a lot!

♥ I finished an NVQ in health and social care.

♥ I visited Devon, Salisbury, Bath, Bristol and Liverpool.




♥ I drank more coffee than I think I ever have, and fell in love with numerous independent coffee shops and gorgeous cafés.

♥ I moved back in with my brother at the house we had bought together a few years ago…

♥ … Then Jack and I started the process of buying our own flat together! We were hoping to be moving in this month, but it’s starting to look less and less likely. Here’s to hoping, though!


Do you fancy taking a peek at some more yearly re-caps of 2015, and resolutions and goals for 2016? Here are a few from some of my favourite internet lovelies:

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