A Year of Self-Portraits #6


Well, here we are – I have officially finished my sixth year of consecutive daily self-portraits. That’s a total of 1826 self-portraits (and counting!). It’s been a bit of a manic year, and I feel like my photography style has been a bit more variable because of it. Here’s a round-up of my most popular images from the year, alongside some of my favourites.


The top 12 “Most Interesting Photos” (according to Flickr) that I took for my self-portraiture project last year are the ones below… (Click on the links below to see the “full-size” images on Flickr.)



Top row L-R: Seeing Red #17 — Breaking Standards #267 —Lens Happy #131 —Obsession #161

Middle row L-R: Sing Ivy #72 — In That Moment #85 — Kisses in Codnor #289 — Tiny Dancer #44

Bottom row L-R: Brightly #197 — Feelin’ all kinds of blue #294 — Day 2000! #176 —Gender Issues #295


I’ve also decided to post my personal favourites – the majority are featured in my post about my third and final year in The Teleidoscope, so here are my favourites taken since then…


Y6 sps

L-R: Everyday Life #350, There’s always a fire burning #364, The Simplest of Tunes #365


As the attentive of you will already be aware, I have started my seventh year (! Will the madness ever cease?!) of daily self-portraiture and also my third year of daily non-self-portraiture (stayed tuned for a re-cap of my Project 365 / Year Two!). If you fancy taking a peek at the new sets here’s Year Seven – 365 Days: 52 Weeks and Project365 Year Three, respectively. Here’s to another year!


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