A Year of Self-Portraits #7


Whoah. That’s 2558 consecutive daily self-portraits done and dusted. Don’t ask me how, because I don’t know!

Below, you can see the top 12 “Most Interesting Photos” (according to Flickr!) that I took for the self-portraiture project over the past year… (Click on the links below the mosaic to see the “full-size” images on Flickr.)




Top row L-R: Day 331, Year 7.Day 365, Year 7./She Hung The Stars In The Sky.Day 221, Year 7./Choose to be optimistic, it feels better.Day 291, Year 7./Winter’s Carol.

Middle row L-R: Day 267, Year 7./The Oboe, Nachtmusik.Day 217, Year 7./Day 1 of #Lovetober.Day 274, Year 7./The Longer the Waiting.Day 321, Year 7.

Bottom row L-R: Day 203, Year 7.Day 286, Year 7. — Day 251, Year 7.Day 70, Year 7./Nothing Arrived.


Very Dr Martens and fairy lights heavy, amiright?! Remember to have a gander at the entirety of Year Seven in all of its glory by clicking here.

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