4 Simple Goals


Elsie has posted about making 4 Simple Goals to be achieved by 2014. The basic premise is that each goal should be: simple, activity oriented goals which will enrich your life and make you feel happy. Oh, and each goal should be rewarded!




  1. Make a Herman the German Friendship Cake. Malin had her own Herman a few years ago, and he was delicious! I’m not entirely sure how well this will work out whilst I’m on assignments, but I’m not going to beat myself up about it if I have to enlist the help of someone else to feed Herman whilst I’m away.
  2. Clear out my wardrobe properly. As many can attest, I tend to get a little sentimental about clothes. I’m usually pretty good at donating things to the charity shop when I haven’t worn them recently/enough, but I’m becoming quite slack at it! (I’m blaming all of the travel and moving out of my house!)
  3. Read more. When I first started my new job I ploughed through a whole bunch of books, but now that I’ve settled into a routine of laptop usage… Not so much. I read The Dalai Lama’s cat last week and I really enjoyed it, so I feel like I need to get back into reading again! I know if I don’t give myself a numbered goal I won’t do it, so – read at least 4 books before New Year (seems like the A.A.Milne books Dave bought me are a good place to start!).
  4. Stay as up-to-date as possible with Flickr uploads and photo editing. It stresses me out majorly when I get behind because it always takes a long time to catch-up! I’m going to make a concerted effort to try to edit things on the day they’re taken if possible.




I’ll be blogging about my goals as I achieve them, so look out for the follow-up posts… I haven’t really thought about rewards yet, but I’m sure some ideas will come to me. Wish me luck!


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