5 years ago today…


Five years ago today:

“Job applications. Photo editing. Tidying. Washing. Violinery (read as pizzicato failure). Plan photo-shoots. A drive to Rainham (-Purfleet-) Marshes with Paul. Photo editing, photo editing, photo editing…”



Left the house at 0640 to walk to the bus station, caught a bus to university with some lovely ladies, and it arrived in the town with just enough time for us┬áto walk to our lecture. My lectures were on labour today, which was as amazing as it sounds and I enjoyed every second. My brain does feel a little bit like it might explode after all of the information thrown at it today though (I never felt like this after Literature lectures!)… We had a small quiz at the end of the day, after which we walked back into town, caught the bus, said our goodbyes, and then I walked back home. Made dinner, made lunch for tomorrow, made some breakfast muffins, did a bunch of boring household stuff (tidying, washing, etc), revised some lecture material and then sat down to write this. It’s 2145 at the moment. After I finish writing this, I’m going to do my homework (!) and then try to be asleep before ridiculous o’clock rolls around. Crossing my fingers…


2015 is so much different than 2010 for me, and every day I feel grateful that I’ve got this 365 self-portraiture project to look back on how I’ve spent my time, and to know how far I’ve come.




Becoming a student midwife has been amazing so far, but I am feeling incredibly tired and my brain is already stuffed full of facts, figures and ideas… I’m not sure how the rest of these three years will go! I think a lot of my blog posts from now on will be little life updates like this, as I’m not going to have the time to commit to more, but that’s fine with me right now – little life updates are something I’ve been recording for nearly eight years already, so why stop with photography?


Hope you’re all having a marvelous week so far, and I hope that you’re taking good care of yourself as Autumn is starting to get into full swing! Happy Tuesday!

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