50 questions, pt 1.


Here’s a list of the first 10 of 50 questions that I’ve borrowed from Mariell. Hope you enjoy the questions/answers and are having a lovely day. Take care lovelies!

1. What’s the last thing you scribbled down on paper?
The last time I wrote with a pen touching paper would have been when I was last on shift – observations or discharge paperwork. I often write lists at home but I’m been trying to write less lately and put them on my phone or PC instead! My phone/PC lists are usual grocery lists and chore lists (the excitement!) but lately my lists have involved Christmas gifts… Yay!




2. What is always in your bag?
My DSLR, a spare battery or two, a spare memory card, my remote control and remote shoe. Then my phone, purse, keys and maybe some lipgloss. Oh, and my tiny Snufkin miniature.

3. What do you get at a café?
Black coffee – americano, long black, filter… So long as there is no milk. If I’m eating it’s bound to have eggs or cheese, or both.



4. What websites do you visit daily?
Many blogs and Flickr. Otherwise I just check e-mails, sometimes see 500px and use the apps on my phone (Instagram, DuoLingo…).

5. Who do you call when you’re angry/upset?
Jack and my mum. Most of the time it’s anxiety rather than anger/upset – when I’m upset I tend to distance myself from people. I’m more likely to be found curled up in bed with a cat than on the phone! I always feel like if I share my sadness then the other person is more likely to feel saddened too, so I like to sort it out in my own head if I can.




6. What color is your toothbrush?
White and pink.

7. Do you know how to change oil on a car?
No. Honestly, I’m quite okay with that – knowing how to drive it is enough for me.




8. What pets have you had?
Cats always! Also, a lizard (my brother’s, technically), rabbits, gerbils, fish and a hamster.

9. Do you have piercings?
My ears only, and I have no plans to get more!




10. England at its best?
Spring time I think – when the flowers are blooming and everything is fresh and new. Spring always feels like a hopeful season to me. Plus my birthday is in the spring time, and that’s always good!

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