50 questions – pt 2.

Happy November, friends! I’ve been at university today and whilst I had plans for a more substantial blog post, time has run away from me… So, here’s the next 10 of 50 questions that I’ve borrowed from Mariell – the first 10 can be found here. Enjoy!


11. What makes you sad?
Being overwhelmed! When I have a really long to-do list, and things start to feel insurmountable, I really panic and get anxious – like if I have an essay to write, an exam to revise for, my current mentor has asked me to revise antenatal screening tests, the flat desperately needs cleaning, I need to buy Christmas gifts, I’m feeling guilty about not spending enough time with people…




12. What makes you happy?
When a woman I’m caring for says thank you in an earnest way and I know I really made a difference, when I cook something and it tastes so good I want to cook it again, when the flat is spotless, when Jack and I both have an orange kitty on our laps, when we have a free weekend alone together, lie-ins, having flowers in the house, seeing the light come on outside the flat and know it means Jack is about to walk through the front door. So many things.

13. What is your dream job?
Being a midwife! But more importantly, to be a midwife who is actually with women – that’s one of the things I’m struggling with the most, right now.




14. Do you subscribe to a magazine?
Midwives magazine by RCM.

15. What was the last thing you bought?
I just popped to the shops and bought three loaves of bread, some courgettes and two trays of tomatoes. Exciting stuff!




16. Do you like chinese food?
English-Chinese food, which I’ve been reliably informed is not the same! As Bags has moved back to China, Jack and I will visit him and I will have some Chinese-Chinese food! I’m pretty fond of English-Chinese food, though. I’m basically pretty fond of food.

17. When were you in church last?
Now there’s a question. It must have been when I visited the church Caroline and Nori are getting married in to have a poke around for photogenic spots – I’m going to be the photographer at their wedding in May.




18. Who was the last person who did something extra special for you?
Jack came to pick me up from the hospital on Sunday night, which was extra sweet. It’s only a little walk home, but he was worried about me walking home in the dark with all the crazy clowns in the news. He also made a delicious risotto that night, and watched Gilmore Girls with me. He’s the best.

19. Have you ever been in an ambulance?
Not as a patient. I’ve helped other people into ambulances though.




20. Can you roll your tongue?
Sure can!

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