50 questions – Part 3


Happy Tuesday you guys! I’m back with part 3 of the 50 questions I’ve borrowed from Mariell… If you want to take a gander at the previous questions, part 1 is here and part 2 is here.

21. How much time does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Around 45 minutes, though depending on where I’m off to and if I care what I look like, maybe 15..? Of course when I’m on placement I have to get up early enough to convince my hair to look remotely presentable (it has to be off and above the collar of our uniform!) and pour enough coffee into myself that I not only look awake, but feel awake too!




22. Do you curse?
Yessir! Possibly a little too often…

23. What is the longest you’ve spent camping?
Whenever I’ve gone away to festivals, so a long weekend – 4-5 days.




24. How many siblings do you have?
One brother and two step-sisters.

25. What is your education?
I’m currently doing my second bachelors degree, because I’m greedy – I’ve got a BA in English & Linguistics and am in my second year of a BSc Midwifery.




26. Where have you lived?
Essex, London (briefly), Nottingham and back to Essex again.

27. What is your most favorite body part?
I’m quite fond of my eyes, looking at things is definitely one of my favourite past-times. I used to wish I had blue eyes and thought they were kind of muddy and dull, but I feel like they’re more magical for changing colour depending on my surroundings/what I’m wearing now. Magic eyes!




28. What is your least favorite body part?
Bah, I feel like a traitor to my body for not finding it easy to accuse just one body part… Let’s go with my jaw!

29. Are birthdays important?
Of course! I think it’s the only time people can feel more selfish than usual and spend the day guiltless and doing whatever they want, which is a fabulous thing for ones happiness levels – like eating cake for breakfast and not feeling the need to apologise for it.




30. Have you saved clothes from your childhood?
My mum has saved more than I have. I wish I’d saved more and feel a little wistful about it sometimes, but I do get a lot of pleasure from “spring cleaning” and donating things to charity shops… So I guess it all works out, really.


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