52 weeks of Arthur – week 1


As you may be aware, I’ve been taking a daily self-portrait for over 10 years now, as well as a daily photo of “something else” for over six years. This of course means that since Arthur was born, I have been diligently taking a photo of him every day, too! Not all of these photos are public – I’ve been keeping some visible only for friends and family on Flickr (if you can’t see them, are a friend or family member and want to, message me!). I thought I would start picking one photo from each week and sharing it here with a bit of backstory.


Technically, Arthur is 17 weeks old tomorrow (oh, how the time flies!) so I have a fair bit of catching up to do, but for now let’s start with one of my favourites from his first week – the first photo I took of him.



I have all of the feels for this photo, obviously. Jack took the first photos of him, as I was otherwise occupied with some of the many glamours of labour, and this was taken after he had, had our golden hour, his weight checked, his first check and his vitamin k injection. It’s a busy first few hours when you’re a baby! We popped his first outfit on him and bundled him up in blankets and towels, and then finally we found ourselves alone with him. Just looking at this photo makes me tear up!


Hope you’re having a grand Wednesday – stay tuned for week 2, and the rest! Take care, folks.

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