52 weeks of Arthur – week 51


I have been taking a daily self-portrait for over 10 years now, so when our son Arthur was born it felt natural to start taking a daily photo of him too! I’m picking one photo from each week to share here on my blog.



This week we were up in Cheshire for the bi-annual LAN party at Rob and Lauren’s. As well as having all of the fun at the LAN party, we also ventured out and about a couple of times – on the Thursday we drove up Darlington so Arthur could meet his great granny and on the Saturday we drove into Chester to meet up with Mabel, Lauren and Ian (I’ve known Lauren for years on Flickr but never met her in real life before that weekend!). Arthur managed to kip all the way to Darlington, and all the way back from Darlington (!) and he really enjoyed playing with all the toys at the baby cafe in Chester. This photo was taken on the Saturday as we walked back to our car from the cafe – as you can see, he was a super happy boy!


Here’s the whole project so far, on Flickr. (Not all of the photos are public – I’ve kept some friends and family only, so if you can’t see them, are a friend or family member and want to, message me!).


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