52 weeks of Arthur – week 52


I have been taking a daily self-portrait for over 10 years now, so when our son Arthur was born it felt natural to start taking a daily photo of him too! I’m picking one photo from each week to share here on my blog.



This week was Arthur’s last full week of being less than a year old..! It’s the craziest thing ever to type, and I’m sitting at my desk with 13 minutes until midnight hits us and it’s officially his first birthday. WHOAH.


Anyway. This week? Arthur was going to go to his very first beer festival, but he fell asleep in his car seat and we didn’t want to disturb him, so unless being in the car park counts… It didn’t happen. His grandma stayed over and looked after him whilst we went out on our third date night, he visited his grandmammie and grandpa, went to two different soft plays, hung out with his pal Edie and two new friends, Hector and Jack. He has been walking so well this week that he has started running, and usually he manages to keep upright. He’s absolutely loving being so mobile!


9 minutes to midnight. I must dash and toast this gorgeous little man with Jack. Keep your eyes peeled for his birthday photos!


Here’s the whole project so far, on Flickr. (Not all of the photos are public – I’ve kept some friends and family only, so if you can’t see them, are a friend or family member and want to, message me!).


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2 Replies to “52 weeks of Arthur – week 52”

  1. This is a lovely record of Arthur’s first year. He has grown from the most smiling, serene baby into an inquisitive, smiling One Year Old little chap.
    How happy he always is and what a sparkly eyed approach to life he shows.
    Lucky little one to have such a great Mummy & Daddy to envelop him in love.

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