7 years ago today…


So, I took this photo seven years ago today… Seven! It makes me feel quite nostalgic to see it, not least because when I found it I hadn’t saved the edited version (!), not just because I found it in a folder of morris dancing photos (!) but because I remember the feeling of putting dedicated time and effort each day (well, most days) into my 365 project – which isn’t something I feel like I do now. Also, there isn’t the community on Flickr that there once was, and sharing images sometimes feels a little bit like a chore.



Day 121 / Year Two.


Anyway, I was pleased with this photo when I took it, and I’m still pleased with it now. And that, friends, is quite the rarity. It was a bit of a fluke photo – my favourite kind – we’d been at Horndon Feast and Fayre all day, and in the late afternoon it started to chuck it down with rain. By the time we got home, there were these gigantic puddles littering to road… And featured are my then favourite dress and hat. Pretty simple!


If you fancy taking a gander at any other photos taken from my second year of daily consecutive self-portraits, take a gander here. Otherwise, hope you’re having a lovely Monday evening. Take care folks!

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