A Change of Plans


As many of you know, Dave and I booked tickets to fly to India in early September. I’ve made the tricky decision to cancel my flights, and did so yesterday morning. I wanted to make a simple announcement, rather than having to explain the situation repeatedly!


I love India, and Nepal, and can’t wait to go back and visit them someday. That said, the plans Dave and I made to go together this Autumn aren’t “right” for me anymore. I’ve been fretting about this holiday since we booked the tickets in December, and finally decided that I would be making the best decision for myself, if I cancelled my flight. Three months of travelling sounds more stressful than carefree… The political changes and consistent reports of sexual violence are more than enough to make me not so enthusiastic about jumping on a plane. I hope that I’ll get to visit both India and Nepal again one day; I can’t wait to go back to Nepal especially, as due to Gorkha Learning for Life, I have a special place in my heart for the lovely people I’ve met there and the amazing experiences I’ve gained through working with the charity.


After cancelling my ticket I breathed a huge sigh of relief, and I’m so glad I made this decision for myself – my reaction shows that it was definitely the right one! I’m hoping that some of the money I’ve saved can go towards a more low-key, relaxing holiday, but I’m not making any plans yet!


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