A new recipe a month 2015, pt 2


! Got back here eventually, didn’t I?! As you may be aware, I made it one of my resolutions for 2015 to try a new recipe a month. I succeeded and then some – most months I cooked several new recipes, but I tried my best to pick a photogenic one for the resolution! Here goes… (Click on the name of dish for a link to the recipe/s!)


JulyPan-seared scallops with summer succotash


Yummy and easy! The hardest part was finding some scallops to cook..!


AugustGreen bean mac ‘n’ cheese


A really easy recipe, but not one of our favourites. I’m a big lover of mac ‘n’ cheese, so I’ve created multiple versions since (!) usually involving bacon and crumbled bits of krisprolls…


SeptemberDouble chocolate & caramel tart, frosted pistachios & rum cream



YUM! We made this recipe about three times, as Jack took it into work for their “Bake Off”… That’s why the only photo I have of it finished is the one above (taken by Jack on his phone – thank you lovely!) – I thought I’d take one of the “perfected” version, but we decided it was better for him to take the tart into work and decorate it there. Anyway, it’s delicious, but it takes a lot of patience!


OctoberSausage, apple & leek pie


Tasty, easy, hearty ol’ meal. Needs more mustard in my opinion, but I am a mustard fiend so you should probably ignore me.


NovemberBroccoli & stilton soup with walnut & stilton soda bread


My favourite recipe of the year! We made it hard on ourselves my making our own vegetable stock for the soup, but it was well worth it. The soup was absolutely delicious and went perfectly with the bread, which I adore. Just looking at the bread now makes me want to make some more… Mmm!


DecemberStrawberry almond mushroom cookies & walnut mushroom cookies


These bad boys were absolutely scrumptious! I spotted them on Alice’s blog in 2014 (the walnut ones) and 2015 (the strawberry & almond ones) and decided I had to give them a go for Christmas. I have to say that attempting to make them both in the same day (!) wasn’t my brightest idea, and didn’t work out either. I wasn’t sure on the taste of the walnut cookies until they were coated in chocolate… Then I thought they were wonderful! That said, the strawberry ones were my favourite. So good!


Fancy seeing the previous 6 recipes/meals? Here’s part 1! Jack and I are definitely going to carry on cooking and baking this year, so I’m sure there will be a few similarly posts this year. Keep your eyes peeled..!r Happy Tuesday friends, hope you’re having a good week so far!


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